Trip Hazard & Concrete Services

Community Concrete Restoration in Baltimore, Maryland, provides an emergency service which repairs failing concrete that may cause slips, trips, and falls. Liability issues of concern are, but not limited to, raised, cracked, open joints and heaved concrete. These issues may cause injuries to pedestrians and must be resolved quickly.

Rapid Response

Liability issues can be expensive, so our team is available to resolve the issue quickly to prevent any injuries or further injuries due to concrete hazards.

Types of Repair

Often times there are many different solutions to resolve a concrete hazard which has encountered. Factors such as budget, asthetics, and utlity will determine the best solution for the repairs needed. Equipped for a variety of repairs our team is ready to resolve your concrete hazard:

• Calking
• Epoxy Coating

• Open Joint Repair
• Cutting

• Grinding
• Sealing

Excellent Service

An estimator will come to the site to evalute the hazard. Upon evaulation of the Hazard the estimator will provide available solutions and options based on the customers needs and wants.

Contact us in Baltimore, Maryland, for a wide range of concrete construction services for your specific needs.