Cost-Efficient Volumetric Concrete Mixer Trucks

Our volumetric divison has become a separate company. These trucks now sell concrete under the name Community Concrete Material Supply. Please check out their website

Community Concrete Restoration in Baltimore, Maryland, uses volumetric concrete mixer trucks to produce high-quality concrete. These trucks are practically concrete plants on wheels. They allow us to make the concrete on-site, so you get the best possible materials for your project, without the degradation caused by a rotating drum, or time to the job site.

Why Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete mixers offer more advantages to homeowners and small contractors than drum mixers. For one, you get immediate access to fresh concrete. It produces a high-quality material that does not lose its strength due to breaking bonds from a conventional style rotating drum. Volumetric concrete sets at the rate in which you place it. This means you save on labor costs because fewer men are needed to accomplish the job.

Other Advantages of Volumetric Concrete

Since volumetric concrete is made on-site and on the spot, you do not have to pay for unused building material. You only pay for the exact amount that you use after the 2.5 yard minimum has been exceeded. The ability to change the slump and strength is also at your call.

You are granted the flexibility to instantaneously change mix designs to optimize PSI strength for different needs, while simultaneously optimizing the value. Light loads provide no challenges for volumetric operations. Lastly, you do not get "hot" loads.

Contact us in Baltimore, Maryland, for our fleet of volumetric concrete mixer trucks for cost-efficient construction services.