Heavy-Duty Concrete Construction Services

Community Concrete Restoration in Baltimore, Maryland, provides professional concrete construction services. We are licensed and approved by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC), with license number 52074. We do everything that a large concrete company does, but in a smaller, more efficient scale. For our previous customers, no other company comes to mind when it comes to quality renovations and new construction services.

How We Do Things

It is not always cost-effective to have all the equipment and workmen on hand all the time. We believe it would be more efficient to carry only the necessary tools and workforce for any given construction phase.

Concrete Jobs

We provide homeowners, general contractors, plumbers, and electricians with the capability to perform heavy construction work by utilizing our services. The many concrete jobs we work on include:

• Concrete Demolition Jobs
• Driveways
• Footers
• Pads

• Patios
• Sidewalks
• Slabs
• Core Drilling

• Steps
• Trench Cuts
• Trench Infills

Excellent Service

We strive to finish the project on time, without compromising the quality of our work.


We will come to your location to provide a free estimate. We also talk with you about what you need and want for your home. Our concrete experts help create what you have in mind.


Our experience includes renovating concrete structures for commercial and industrial properties. We work with general contractors, property managers, architects, and engineers to meet strict construction requirements. From constructing slabs, to genset pads, and structural concrete, we know how to do the job right the first time.

Trip Hazard Fixes

We fix trip hazards due to failing concrete. These hazards may cause liability issues, and must be dealt with quickly. A cracked, heaved, or unevenly lifted joint are some of the common types of hazards. Our team is at the ready to fix these urgent repairs.

Emergency Concrete Repairs

Our team is able to do many kinds of emergency concrete repairs. We provide epoxy coating services. We also do repairs and caulks on joints, restoring them to their original form.

Contact us in Baltimore, Maryland, for a wide range of concrete construction services for your specific needs.